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Their design was like nothing I had ever seen, the innovative design solution was not only unique, but it worked really well.
— Adam Naids, Spacewalk Tools Engineer, NASA

MPD has been working with us for a little over a year now and our experience has been very positive. They are always on point with delivery and quick to adjust drawings and renders for our product roll-outs.
— Erik Granberg, Granberg International
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We initially brought Magarin Product Development on to help us with some product drawings and the project evolved into a great relationship! They helped us design our medical tool tray design project and met it with constant project attention. We are definitely coming back to them for future projects.
— Yuki Nosker, Mizuho America Inc.

Having been away from “inventing” for over 40 years, my ability to work and prototype in today’s world had become extremely limited. I ran into Marc at a UNR function which resulted in his assistance in entering the design world and needs of 2018....and onward. Marc is a pleasure to work with; conscientious, accurate and fast. What more could anyone ask for?
— Darryl R. Dworkin, 5 prior patents issued with 2 pending and 3 in development